Residential Remodeling

The most common engagement we have is a client who works with us to remodel their home. Whether this is adding an addition, remodeling existing spaces, adding a bathroom, etc. This is where our experience and training in interior architecture pays off. We can handle any and all kitchen designs, bathroom design, architectural drawings and permit set creation. While we do not act as a direct project manager for construction trades, we work with a host of fantastic builders who we partner with for each project.

To accomplish each project on-time and on-budget, while accomplishing our clients goals, we follow the follwoing process:

Phase 1: Programming

  • We meet and learn about your dreams for the project, your budget, timeline, family living needs, personal style, and more.

  • We take photos and measurements of your home and review architectural drawings and contractor estimates.

  • We share back-and-forth images, Pinterest-pins, sketches, and inspiration boards to start honing in on your design goals.

Phase 2: Conceptual Design

  • We sketch layouts, generate floor plans, and 3D views in a 3D modeling program, aiming to create the perfect remodel solution for your needs.
  • We add color, fabrics, finish materials, and lighting schematics, then refine these ideas with you until we arrive at the perfect solution.
  • Finally, we create a full-color rendering of the finalized design so you can see exactly how it will look.

Phase III: Design Development

  • We source all materials such as tile, counter tops, plumbing fixtures, and decorative lighting fixtures.
  • We select all colors and finishes from paint colors, wood stains, metal finishes on fixtures and lighting.
  • We obtain pricing, stock information, and samples.
  • We visit showrooms and communicate with sales reps.
  • We share our design direction with the project architect (if one is involved in the project) or contractor, get feedback, and make changes as needed.
  • Once selections are approved by you, we work with the contractor to make sure all orders are placed on on your behalf.

Phase IV: Document Management

  • We create detailed document sets for the contractor so that items like cabinetry, custom built-ins custom furniture, tile layouts and lighting can be bid on and built precisely to plan.

  • We work with the project architect, if one is involved on the project, to maximize the drawings/plans they’ve already produced. We can add details to their original documents when required. Or add views, elevations, etc, they might not have produced.

  • We create electrical plans and elevations for electricians to ensure all lighting and switching is correctly placed.


Phase V: Project Management

  • Once all the bulk of our work is done, designs are complete, drawings are finished and handed off, we stay with the project through the build-phase.
  • We meet with the full construction team on site as client desires to make sure everything is tracking to plan.

Ultimately our mission during this phase is three-fold:

    1. Make check in with the contractor regularly to ensure everything is built and/or installed the way it was designed.

    2. Though we certainly wish construction was always a flawless process, remodeling involves tearing-down and exposing what’s behind the existing walls/ceilings/floors/foundations/etc, and issues almost always arise and adjustments have to be made. Our job is not to expect perfection, but rather join forces with skilled project managers, builders and artisans so we can, as a team, understand the issues as they arise, make informed decisions on how to adjust, and keep the project tracking towards competition on-time and on-budget.

    3. And fundamentally, because the construction process can be stressful at times, we’re on call for you throughout to answer your questions and assist in any way possible.