Services and Our Process

Renovation Design and Management

This service option includes the full experience. We start from the beginning with communication, wants and needs and we take you all the way to the finished space.  During this process you are supported the entire way through your project. We provide design, drawings, all contrators, materials specification, ordering, schedules, specifications and project management. Your communication is with one person alone.  No separate contractors or suppliers. This method is very efficient and gets your project complete in a timely way possible. We would love to share with you how we support our our clients through the renovation process!

    Our Process


Pre-Fixed Rate Step Process 

      • An agreeable fee is set between the client and the company
      • A letter of agreement will be drawn up between the client and the company
      • A portion of this fee is paid in advance before work commences and your project is scheduled
      • Payments will be made as the work progresses based on a previously drawn up payment plan

  Hourly Rates

      • A detailed record is kept of daily work and the number of hours spent to execute such work
      • Interior Design & Purchasing $125 p/hr
      • At the end of each month, the client is billed per the number of hours expended
      • Consultation packages start at $350.

Percentage Over Project Cost

      • A predetermined percentage markup is applied to the net cost of the project

Combination Rates

      • Any combination of the above with which the client and the company feel comfortable.